I'm so cold, like the bezzle in my, just like the bezzle in my watch.
-T.I., 'Bezzle'
by The Big T November 16, 2006
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on the westcoast particulary from the bay area and up a "bezzle" is slang for the club drug ecstacy(MDMA)
that party was crackin last night i musta popped like 2 and a half bezzles mane i waz feeling myself
by ceqcdqfrq August 25, 2006
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The acting of performing or recieving of oral sex.
Kiesha got herpes on her mouth from her bad habbit of giving random boys bezzle.
by cj October 11, 2003
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east coast term for head or blowjob; Usu is followed by fo shezzle
yo hoe be givin me betta bezzle than yo sista
by MikeSellars February 13, 2003
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A word used for the drug Ketamine. Particularly common in the north area the UK, in cities such as Leeds and Manchester
Stop fucking about man and crush some bezzle up. I want a fat creamy rail to put me in a hole
by TheCrackpipe October 22, 2012
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1. being completely drunk.
2. loud and obnoxious due to drinking too much.
damn son, you're bezzled outta woadiness.
by Code Red October 9, 2005
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"aye letz do bezzle before we hit up dat party"
by rep da chi till i die October 13, 2005
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