lovely female that is intelligent, full of personality, super witty and very lovely .
Kiesha is the life of the party. Everyone loves it when she's around.
by Kdub the chocolate wonder February 5, 2010
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Kiesha is a very beautiful girl with full melanin and eats alot to make herself have a PHAT a$$, she hates humans tht plays roblox but also play it.
Deka: Kiesha play roblox!!!
Kiesha: NOO u twerp!
Kiesha mannnn no
Kiesha: fine blackiess
by whydouwannaknowhoiam June 17, 2021
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Kiesha is a lovely and snazzy person she is so nice to ppl totally she does have an inner voice her meanness she is out of this world mean lol but her friends still like her

She is a beautiful intelligent person it’s a very uncommon name but it’s unique
Kiesha is snazzy
by Jobby muncher March 20, 2021
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A boyfriend-stealing snake 🐍
Yeah I know a kiesha. Wouldn't trust her around my boyfriend.
by Yolandabelit August 28, 2017
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a bad bitch who got that super wet gorilla grip pussy that be having guys act out. she’s a rude ass bitch, unless you’re blowing her back out.
“mannnn that bitch piss me off but she really know how to ride sum dick so ima j stick around even tho we fight every single day. luv that dirty kiesha”
by tiggernickger June 4, 2020
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