To be freaking amazing. To emphasis on how one can be so amazing.
by #Crann December 27, 2013
1. Kodama
2. To confuse or befuddle via ones beauty.
Kodama is bewildering.
by William April 24, 2004
adj. Amazed that one is so lucky in one's relationships; lucky enough to be dating an incredible girl.
(Often used in reference to Jennie.)
I am one bewildered boyfriend.
by I think you know who... August 18, 2004
I was bewildered to see her breasts, I just wanted to leap at them like a tiger.
by N. Griffin February 4, 2005
Originating from Walter Lippman's commentating on mass culture, the 'bewildered herd' is the masses that are tamed through propaganda and mass media in order that the machine of democracy is kept properly oiled.

The bewildered masses must be subdued, tamed, and injected with the popular opinion of the upper class of politicians, heads of corporations, and all others belonging to the elite class of intellectuals and wealthy, in order to govern a nation and circumvent any defect in democracy.
The single function of the bewildered masses is to be spectators, not participants, in a democratic nation.
The bewildered masses give their power to a benevolent overlord who makes decisions (apparently) for the good of them all.
by chjangounchained October 19, 2016
Will is a guy who is always on his phone trying to level up. We call him bewilder whenever mr. Hammett catches him on it
by Momento bruh November 18, 2019