The playground for the ultra rich and famous and identified by its palmtree-lined streets, sunshine and attrocious property values. A city of about 30,000 residents almost completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles between Hollywood/West Hollywood to the east, Bel-Air to the West, Westwood and the campus of UCLA to the south and the Hollywood Hills to the north. Some of its most famous streets include Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd., and Doheny Drive. Rodeo Drive and the Beverly Hills Hotel are probably its two most famous icons. B.H. is the world's capital of plastic surgery, bods and beamers. Its rich, arrogant, pretencious pricks can be frequently seen in their sunglasses driving an expensive car while talking on their cellphone.
Beverly Hills is a hideout for the rich and famous. Perhaps that's why the city has so many rehab clinics for Hollywood stars.
by September 15, 2007
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A bunch of rich ass celebrities who have so much money they don't know what to do with it.
I'm a football player, basketball play, brain surgeon, and a lawyer. I have so much money so i'm moving to Beverly Hills
by lebron#1fan November 27, 2011
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a small village in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan that has to deal with constantly being compared to its much sweeter namesake in California. This is the 48025 not the 90210.
Audrey: Hi I'm Audrey I'm from Beverly Hills-
James (interupting): CALIFORNIA?! THAT'S SO AWESOME!
Audrey: Um, no I'm from Beverly Hills, Michigan
by beverlyhillbilly February 27, 2011
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This sex move is saved for girls who think that they're God's gift to the world (and there are plenty of them). Have sex doggy-style. Right before finishing, take two of you fingers (index and ring) and shove them in her ass. Before she spazzes out, stick one in each of her nostrils, use a fish hook-like action to pull her head back, and whisper in her ear: "Still think your shit don't stink?". Proceed to cum. That should put her in her place.
Alot of celebs could use beverly hills sniffers.
by Single_and_Loving_It January 13, 2007
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When you meet a really stuck up chicky, bang her doggystyle, corkscrew 2 fingers up her ass and scrape some shit out, pull out your fingers and put one finger in each nostril. Pull her head back by her hair and yell "so you think your shit don’t stink?"
I met this girl who thought she was "hot shit"...I ended up giving her the beverly hills whiffer and now she knows whats up.
by Tha Muzza January 2, 2007
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A euphemism for autoerotic asphyxiation, popularized after actor David Carradine's death
-Whats with the red mark on David's neck?
-Probably gave him self a beverly hills necktie over lunch.
by XedMada November 11, 2009
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Best show of the 80s/90s.
Actors include:
-(Dylan Mackay)Coy Luther (Luke) Perry III
born: 10/11/66 (28) in Mansfield, OH
-(Kelly Taylor)Jennifer Eve Garth
born: 4/3/72 in Urbana, IL
-(Donna Martin)Victoria Davey Spelling
born: 5/16/73 in Los Angeles, CA
-(David Silver)Brian Austin Green
born: 7/15/73 in Van Nuys, CA
-(Steve Sanders)Ian Andrew Ziering
Born: 3/30/64 in West Orange, N.J
-(Nat Busichio) Joe E Tata
-(Brandon Walsh)Jason Bradford Priestley
Born:8/28/69 in Vancouver, B.C.
-(Brenda Walsh)Shannon Daugherty
born: 4/12/71 in Memphis, TN
-(Jim and Cindy Walsh) James Eckhouse and Carol Potter
-(Andrea Zucherman) Gabrielle Anne Carteris
born: 1/2/61 in Phoenix, AZ
The ORIGINAL OC(The OC sucks..Beverly is Rockin')
The original OC.
Full of teen angst and drama.
Laguna beach meets better scripts..
It's just awesome. Watch it on TV tropolis at 5:00pm every day.
Emily calls Sasha *RING*
Sasha: hello?
Emily: BEVERLY HILLS 90210 IS ON!!!
Sasha: I'm WELL WELL WELLLLL aware.
Emily: *gasp* I can't believe brandon just kissed her!!
Sasha: I KNOW!!!
Emily: Aww, I love Dylan. I'm going to marry that man.
Sasha: Me too. <33
by Emmeline January 18, 2007
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