to fall with a lot of force
Dude after I ran into the door, I ate shit so bad.
by Nicole February 18, 2004
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when someone hits something with great force.
that kid fell of his skateboard, and ate shit
by r buss February 18, 2008
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to make a dick of yourself in fornt of people.
by Tim maso September 4, 2003
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To fall hard, often face-first, while walking, running, or attempting to perform a stunt. Eating shit may result in injury, because this type of fall often happens too quickly for the person to put their hands out to catch themselves.
"What happened to Adam's face?"

"He ate shit on his run this morning--the sidewalks are really icy!"
by grimm23 January 31, 2022
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To fall and become injured
The woman at Stop and Shop had a seizure and she ate shit
by Tommy1228 July 15, 2015
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Bailing epicly on a skateboard.

Like, seriously dropping like a motherbitch.
"I tried to tre flip this massive gap but I didn't make it I ate shit."
by SkaterKate September 12, 2009
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H-O shit
What you say when somebody punches you and you don't be bitch or don get knocked out
guy 1: *punches guy 2 in face*
guy 2 : "I Ate yo shit"
by Jome Alma March 3, 2020
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