from what i have seen of him he looks like a realy cool guy and fucking his leg whats with you peeps and your dirty minds
i cant waight till the next show!!!
by EmmaG December 01, 2003
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Lead Singer of The Used with a grungy kind of look that is really hot. Bert has an amazing scream..unlike any I have ever heard .Even when he cleans up, he still looks dirty...and thats hot.He also has the word crack in his name.
Bert McCracken.....thats all I have to say
by Billy L. July 08, 2005
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bert mccracken is someone that I once knew and care very much about. He is more than just "crazy" or "hot" or all of the other typical descriptions, he is much more complicated and difficult and interesting. So much so, in fact, that I couldn't possibly try and define him.
I wish him all the things that he has ever dreamed of having, I only wish he didn't have to hurt himself so much in the process. But I guess it has always been that way with him and probably always will.
I doubt very much that he will ever see this, but if he does he should know that I love him and wish him the best. Oh, and even though it's not as fun as watching you play with " I'm with Stupid", I even listen to your music every now and then.
by rachel a. August 27, 2003
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An amazing guy. He is the singer/screamer of The Used, an awesome alternative rock band:)
He writes songs that are so poetic, it makes my heart feel like its being stopped by a hand, and he can sing so well it can reduce me to tears.
He smokes (:( BAD BERT lol), he might be engaged (? Jurys still out on this one), he used to be really tight with Gerard Way, then wasn't, then sort of is again.
I love him.
He loves me.
I wish.
"Lay your head down just for now|Space fills your mind as you dream-awhile|the sun floods your room as you drown|your lungs full of breathing-your true love beleive" -Bert McCracken
by Rachel(TheFantastic) September 15, 2007
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I met him and got to hug him. And he definately is one of the coolest people I have ever met!
by Lisa November 14, 2003
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A God, the hottest, greatest person living, like walking perfection
i'd wanna do more than just him his leg!!....i dont know why i want him to bite my cheek
by .... August 15, 2003
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his music speaks more to me than anyone ever could.
Bert Mccraccken and his greasy hair are a role model to my generation. a generation were fuckin up and gettin hooked is a gud thing until u have done it for to long
by spongebobs drug addiction December 22, 2003
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