last name of an OBVIOUSLY jewish person. usually friendly and likes to play tennis.
ellie: hey did you see bernstein over there?

elena: oh yeah.. she's jewish right?

ellie: is that even a real question?
by ESam October 30, 2013
To totally destroy a sales cycle by forcefully interjecting into a corporate sale with malice against another salesman. Thus, killing any opportunity for future sales growth within a penetrated account or client portfolio.
I can't believe that "Eric" Bernsteined me out of a $1 million dollar deal out of spite!
by BERNSTEINED October 12, 2011
The only two lyrics that EVERYONE knows from the song "It's The End of the World As We Know It" by REM.
"The other night I dreamt of knives, continental drift divide. .. *mumble* *mumble* *mumble* LEONARD BERNSTEIN!!!"
by Dustin Parsons July 14, 2006
The greatest sports talk show on the radio. It is broadcast on Chicago's AM 670 or on the internet. The show features special segments such as "Who ya Crappin'", where listeners call in and call people out for saying dumb stuff, and "Friday Fung", where a topic is chosen and listeners call in to tell strories about the topic. It is on from 2PM to 6PM and is perfect for distracting you from work.

Terry Boers is a hilarious and goofy old man that makes some of the best comments about various public (and pubic) figures I have ever heard. His greatest line was after being confused about a caller's point he said, "I am all turned around like Heath Ledger." He also does outrageous promotions and sometimes you think he has had a few in the studio.

Dan Bernstein is a very smart Duke graduate who is also a pretty funny guy, but with a dryer sense of humor than Terry. He hates Barry Bonds and other raging ass hats who live in a state of denial about what really happens in the sports world.

The producer is Matt Abattacola who is "to drinking what Kenyans are to running." He prefers Captain and Cokes and is sometimes seen downtown walking around as the show is on the air. Great guy who is pretty fun to drink with.
The other day I was listening to Boers and Bernstein while drinking Alice White wine and was laughing my ass off.
by BigSmooth13 November 16, 2007
Synonym for double-clutching.

Named after the famous American composer Leonard Bernstein because of his affinity for manual Italian sports convertibles which needed to be double clutched.

Named by Click and Clack from Car Talk on NPR.
Dude, why are you pushing the clutch in twice?
Haven't you heard? I'm bernsteining the clutch just like Leonard Bernsetin!
by Miguel de Cervantes September 24, 2009
To ask a really obvious question, or a question that can easily be answered by looking on Google.

"What does bait mean?"
"Ah man, did u just pull a Bernstein?"
by JThemDigital June 24, 2020
Probably the worst kids show next to Dora The Explorer. You have this really annoying kid, who complains about not having a brother, so he goes to build-a-bestie (WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT?) and makes this puppet thing, who becomes the star of the show pretty much, and he is even more annoying than the kid. They think they're so cool, when really they're some of the lamest kids I've ever seen. Don't even get me started on the sisters. They're really annoying too, especially the older one. The theme song of this show is show stupid and it doesn't even make any sense! I just want to go through the TV screen and kick the puppet thing. The show is complete rubbish. My gosh, it's even worse than Dora, and that's saying ALOT!
Crash: I'm telling you Bernstein, the ladies will love that you have a puppet as a friend. ;)
Berinstein: Oh really? Okay, let's go talk to Dora! :)
Dora: What the hell? Is that little kid with the gay purple puppet coming over here to talk to us?
Boots and Dora's other stupid friends: Let's get away from these gay weirdos!

Even DORA hates Crash and Bernstein!
by DobbyTheFreeElf February 5, 2013