A sarcastic term in reply to when someone says something thats non-believeable.
Greg: Yo, I got the skins from that thick honey from up the block.

Steve: We know.
by 9283940Coolkid February 2, 2010
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A curt phrase used right as someone says "that's what she said."
Jenny (using a screwdriver): I need a better grip on the head.
Mark: That's wha...
Shane: We know.
by TheWhyer July 14, 2011
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A phrase used to get into anywhere or anything you want.
"We know Mason" to receptionist and get in without trouble while cutting the line.
by Caleb May 7, 2005
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phrase used to get access to places that normal people usually dont have access too
The man got into the club by saying "we know mason" to the bouncer
by Tim May 8, 2005
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A phrase created by LA Rapper DrakeO The Ruler upon his release of being acquitted of Murder Charges.
@iPrinceRoyalty is the original foreign whip crasher We Know The Truth! WKTT
by iPrinceRoyalty January 31, 2021
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A teen drama unlike most other shows on television right now.
Compared to My So Called Life.

It's about 3 teenage guys who live in the suburbs in Seattle and basically how they think about sex every second and deal with their lives.

Disregard that Kelly Osbourne is in this show she's not as bad as you'd think.
Jonathan and Dino are totally f*ckable. =)
by Kat November 9, 2004
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