Similar to "feel the burn", but used in a sense of being burned, or in this case , "Berned" by the one and only Bernie Sanders. This "Berning" sensation may be felt in two ways:

1. When a person is given wisdom through the words of Bernie Sanders

2. When a competing presidential candidate's words or beliefs are proven to be bullshit by the words of Bernie Sanders
1. "I just watched Bernie Sanders give a speech yesterday, I think I'm feeling the bern! "

2. "Donald Trump felt the painful bern when Bernie Sanders started to present logical solutions to problems at a debate, contradicting Trump's illogical bullshit which can only be understood by a people known as "hicks" who will soon Feel The Bern.
by Mike_Litoris69 January 7, 2016
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When someone gets righteously owned by Bernie Sanders.
President Donald J. Trump tweets, "Maybe the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN should have their own rally. It would be the biggest of them all!"

Bernie Sanders tweet replies, "They did. It wasn't." (posts viral photo of Trump's less than spectacularly attended Inauguration)

Millions of people on Twitter, "Sick Bern!"
by Zuzu The Wonder Cat February 27, 2017
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A town full of hicks thats basically in the middle of nowhere, and the school is slowly turning into a prison.
Dude 1: What school do you go to?
Dude 2: Berne Knox westerlo!
Dude 1: WTF is berne knox westerlo
by OhBabieItsLove September 27, 2010
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1) When some action is done according to The Big Bernadette Meza style.

2) Also another way of saying Big Dog Style.
by Niles Hasslemane November 5, 2007
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Frankly, Ari and Berne were arguing about who was better, so Jack felt compelled to inform them that he is, infact, better than both of them.
Ari: I'm the best!
Berne: No I'm better!
Jack: I'll always win.
Ari and Berne: Sorrrrrry Jack!!
Thus, Jack is better than Berne and Ari!
by Jack-Awesome December 9, 2011
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Lee sold me this quad of chronic and Glass had to measure it out, Wolf on the other hand supplied the digi and Bern made sure the deal was straight, Lobi drove me to the location and STYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYYINE paid for the chronDO.
by Fuckin' Vic Damone October 14, 2004
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