the hottest Nigerian chick 2 rock the sox of Allen!
by Lobi figure it out April 27, 2005
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when a person is drunk they say loby when they mean love.
trend started by BreakDownV1 of the RA.
we loby you BreakDownV1
I loby when you touch me there
by sugar daddy February 16, 2004
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Armenians use the word lobie when they reffer to a low ass class mexican. These are the types of mexicans that work 24 hours a day and have no clue about how much theyre working for. They are also the type of people that u speak english to them and they just smile and say me name Carlos, you can spot a lobie i mean smell a lobie a mile away. Lobie means bean in Armenian...
Ey Hovo can u smell that lobie selling those oranges on the next street...Ah lets just run him over.
by Haiko July 31, 2004
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A lobi is classified as a low grade. In more exact terms, it's a B-. Also meaning low.
by Allen Zarmanoglu June 2, 2003
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National Loby(Not to be mistaken with Lobby) Hug Day happens on 10th of May. This is the day where everyone in Lobby places such as house, school, church whatever, are allowed to hug each other for short amount of time. They must not be disturbed while hugging, it ruins the holiday.
Person 1: "Hey! Did you know it's National Loby Hug Day today? We are allowed to hug eachother without anyone saying anything!"
Person 2: "Wow! I didn't know! Gimme a hug!"

**Person 1 hugs person 2**
by Nez-owo April 17, 2021
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Lee sold me this quad of chronic and Glass had to measure it out, Wolf on the other hand supplied the digi and Bern made sure the deal was straight, Lobi drove me to the location and STYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYYINE paid for the chronDO.
by Fuckin' Vic Damone October 14, 2004
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(Noun) A move, stroke, or combo, usually in a video game that is clearly wrong or ill conceived. Performing a lobis noobus can reveal one's "noob" status to observers.
Ex. 1: "Dude - Carl just tried to hit cross cross court on baby DK? That was such a lobis noobus"

Ex. 2: "I thought he was good at video games until he performed that lobis noobus"
by Miles26 September 12, 2010
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