a MAn who is Really dumb and Kant Write english properly. he is ALso sometimes employed as a spelunKER
mark: hey whys that dog laying eggs?

walker: thats a chicken you berk.
by flojomcfly May 25, 2009
Some dude on Chao Livechat. Pretty cool, but makes me jealous because of all the cool emotes he has.
Person: Oh, hi Berk!
Berk: :omegalul:
by DeLaKek October 4, 2018
Name given to people that live in the middle eastern. Especially in Turkey. Berke's can be athletic, strong, handsome , charming, smart and tall. Berke's usually have a gigantic penis . Berke's are also known to have an incredible big pair of balls.
Hey look at the nice piece of Berke.
by TheKnowerOFEvErYTHing January 20, 2012
The act of arguing for the sake of arguing, or arguing a point that is obviously false.
Person A: "If a cars tires wear out in 20 minutes at top speed, I don't believe that should be considered its top speed."

Person B: "Quit berking."
by nkT January 18, 2013
1 To answer a question in far more words than what is needed for the assignment.

2 To remove one’s shirt while on a video call in a completely platonic manner.
when worknig on an assignment (or any project) : I’m berking this assignment those questions, then the teacher will have to give me an A. • The teacher doesn’t want to read all of that so why are you berking it?

when skyping (or oovooing) : I skyped my dad but I had to hang up because he was berking. • My friend forgot the webcam was still on and started berking.
by amazingboy97 October 2, 2011
Berk is a boy name.
Berk is very handsome boy
by Iceman81 October 23, 2013