"Mrs. 'Sharp' gave us 7 more pages of useless crap to fill out!"

"Damn, we still got the 12 pages of useless crap to finish from yesterday!"

"I know! We're so overworked!"
by s3nt3nc3d March 8, 2004
Damn did you see Twice literally releasing soo much music each year. They are definitely OVERWORKED
by God Jihyo with lord Wendy December 2, 2021
Salaried employee who intentionally works extra unpaid hours, and makes sure management notices.
“That Madison of yours, isn't she quite the overworker. Looks like you’ve got yourself a real keener there.”

“You know what, here's the thing: I really can’t tell if she gets any more done than anyone else on that team. What I do know is I have to pay the cleaning staff overtime to not finish the washroom til she goes home. So annoying. When we cut down next month, she’s first to go.”
by PJMac August 21, 2012
Seriously, Business Academy students at UVJVS.
"Hey, s3nt3nc3d, what crap did Mrs. 'Sharp' give us today?"

"A 5-page packet on Ethernet cables."

"WTF?!? We just got done with our projects and we still have a shitload of work to do! Ethernet cables? Who makes packets on Ethernet cables?"

"Being overworked sucks."
by D4RK H3LM37 March 9, 2004
Not getting enough money for the amount of work being done.
Getting underpayed & overworked @ any job really sucks.
by jpg3 September 29, 2013