Verb. To annoy the hell out of someone by constantly forcing people into arguments they don't wish to be a part of; to make your argument known in such a way that make it evident to the other person that you think you're better than everyone else.

Noun. A person who engages in such activity or behaviour. Berks often suffer from delusions of grandeur and can be surprisingly unaware of their behaviour.

This meaning of berk is closely associated to its well-known meaning having it's origins in Berkeley in the 1930s.
Dude, stop being a berk!

You're being such a berk right now.

Ana is berking the hell out of John.
by berknomore September 6, 2014
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Something you say when you're really pissed at somebody because they're being annoying.
*Somebody hits you in the arm*

*Somebody sticks tomatoes in your hood and pulls it over your head*
by licensetokyle March 29, 2004
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The sound made by a dog who has just had the shit kicked, or scared out of it.
*bark* *bark* *bark* "Shut up!" *bark* *bark* *bark* " I'm going to punt you!!!!" *bark* *bark* *bark* *BERK*
by fatassmatt November 24, 2009
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It is when you take a bunch of shit and throw up on the shit and put it in a blender and blend it; and then, after blending it, mix it with a spoon, called a "Derkus". After doing all these steps pour it in a gunners mouth.
"Aw man, i want to take a Berk so bad right now."
"Hey, i just got a new derkus for my berk."
by James Lecter March 11, 2008
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1)hooking up with a girl(berka) aka berking.2) it can also be used to describe excitment or something along those lines.3) the act of drinking and/or getting drunk aka berkin, usually used when asking if someone has been drinking that night. 4) it can be used to ask a question simply by saying berk, when being used in this context it can be accompanied by the word derk. as you can see there are many uses of this word that can be used in almost any coversation.
1. did you berk with that girl?
2. oh man there is going to be some many berkas at that party tonignt, to bad i'm not going to berk with any of them.
3. are you berkin? cause you acting like a fucking tool monster./ i'm going to be berkin all weekend long
4.berk? or berk a derk?
by mike o'keefe October 25, 2007
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A name given to a hot guy with a super thick monibrow. A berk is like a nerd but not very smart and very moody. Very much hates girls that sing.
He rubbed his monibrow and said "WILL YOU STOP SINGING?"
Woaahhh you MUST be a berk!!
by ChristinaXOX May 30, 2012
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Is the correct usage of the movement of qhen a female twerks using her breasts.

It has not been used around, for I have used it out of personal experience and what my friends have done while dancing and being fun. Use as in whichever you want.
My friend had put on a song on my laptop, and soon started berking in front of me.
by Urban_Girl144 August 15, 2014
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