1. word used when your mind is in the state of transitioning from one idea to another idea, which leaves your mind in a "stateless" condition.

2. used to replace "aper then...", aka what then, aka if not then....
A: "Visited any interesting site recently?"
B: "getting bored surfing 24/7 for the past few week... bergh.."
by 3morej May 23, 2003
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As in da baddezt mofo aound dis blok da hans da guust he be poppin caps an gittin iz beaker freak wit a lizzi. ly duwn sum da hottezt traks ta eva hit da streetz. reppin fo all iz jangsta in bizelham. mad gattcha fo all di homiz
The other day I was taking a stroll when I happened upon the Bergh reading Proust in a peacful grove.
by Grumpy Samuel The III January 26, 2005
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a kid named colter that likes to suck dong
by Anonymous October 2, 2003
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1) to consistently gravitate towards the unnecessary;

2) to take something simple and pure and turn that the thing into something repugnant;
3) to hate-fuck a chick and blow your wad in her ear
-"The job interview was going well until I totally Dave Bergh-ed it."

-"How so?"

-"Well, she was asking me to define leadership when I got nervous and blew my wad in her ear."

by Steve with Warrior Balls December 6, 2011
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Full sender, rides two strokes, rides the elusive shithawk, continues the bergazoid legacy
Zeke Bergh is a beauty
by Bergazoid September 13, 2018
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