belicheater (noun): a person that cheats so openly and then acts all arrogant about it that it is clear to anyone but an NFL-commissioner that such a person should be banned from the sport for life.

See also: belicheating (verb), leaving the field before the super bowl is over (phrase)
Did you see that guy with the camera taping the Jets* defensive signals? What a belicheater he is.

* also applies to someone taping Rams, Eagles, 49ers, Colts, Chargers, Bills, Giants, Bears, Browns, Texans, Titans, Dolphins signals.

by mark77mee March 19, 2008
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To use extra camera's in an away stadium to gain an unfair competitive advantage. Mainly an NFL coach who cheats.
Knowledgeable unbiased man: "That coach in New England is a Belicheat and should have had to forfeit games."
by Darin O December 29, 2007
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stomping out of a game you are losing before the game is over
Did you see that Belicheat ending to the game? Dude, that's not right.
by Voar February 5, 2008
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Bill Belicheat is the term used to describe the head coach of the New England Bills or the Buffalo Patriots, a new hybrid NFL

team that is able to get to multiple superbowls, yet unable to actually win a superbowl, once spying on the other team became unavailable.
Vinny pulled a Bill Belicheat , now there is no way we can win a championship.
by Bart Oates November 26, 2013
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Bill Belicheat is the coach of the New England Patriots. He tapes opponents signals and also taped the St. Louis Rams before they upset them in Super Bowl XXXVI.

He is notorious for having no personality and walking off of the field before Super Bowl XLII was over, after the New York Giants beat them, knocking off their hopes for an unprecedented 19-0 season.
Maybe they didn't deserve the perfect season. Ever heard of karma, Bill Belicheat?
by Maybelline February 10, 2008
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A nickname assigned to the greatest coach in NFL history by jealous troll-like fans who erroneously believe the Patriots will guilty of "cheating" in Superbowl XXXVI, andd also conveniently ignore the history of taping signals in the NFL.
My team lost on a controversial, albeit correct, call known as the Tuck Rule to Bill Belicheats' New England Patriots.

My teams QB is legendary for his poor play in big games, but I'll just blame Bill Belicheat so as not to hurt his reputation.
by Lord Randall July 20, 2009
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