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What is on the front of the tee-shirts everybody in the Dominican Republic are wearing this winter.
Jose: hey Lupe, great tee babe, just like mine... 19-0!!!
Lupe: ya, and cheap too only 20 pesos, heard these things were going for $75 in Arizona...
by Skipf32 February 20, 2008
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what the New York Giants denied the new england patriots from becoming in the 2007-2008 NFL season. the patriots suffered their one and only defeat in Super Bowl XLII to the Giants, as mentioned above. the loss is considered one of the biggest upsets in sports history, however, it is widely accepted that the giants really did earn the victory.

P.S. I am a Giants fan and I wrote this definition, and I think I did a pretty good job of keeping it unbiased.
The New England Patriots' dreams of a 19-0 season were denied when they were defeated by the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.
by urbandictionaryer12437 February 05, 2008
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--pronounce 'Nineteen and Oh'--

A pipe dream resulting from hubris doomed to fail; the state of mind in which one is cocky beyond reason.
You bought that backstage pass to win over Jessica Biel? That's 19-0, man.

You really think you could beat Stephon Marbury in a one on one? Are you 19-0 in the head?

by Yassi Thread February 06, 2008
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This is not necessarily a word but it is a number. The correct way to say this number is One-Ninety. It is extremely fun to scream at overweight people in hallways at work or school.

The word originated from a fat 11 year old.

He uses a breathing machine to sleep and plays Fortnite because he’s a loser.

I recommend screaming 190 to get the full effect, especially at a fat person named Drue.
Drue was very fat at age 11, he was 190 pounds. This is extremely large for an 11 year old. So I decided to let him come to terms with his weight by screaming this number at him in the hallway.
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by 190_SLARKATTACK!!!! May 22, 2020
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190 proof vodka. 95% alcohol. illegal in just about all of the states, except nevada. lethal shit
My friend threatened to put 190 in our drinks. We all woulda been fucked up.
by ReinBalla August 03, 2005
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