sexy electro pirate lady, captain of the crux fleet. can slay giant ocean monsters thats just how insanely hot she is
“omg beidou just came home

by ABSOLUTELY NO ASKERS February 20, 2021
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sexy mf from genshin impact. she can hit me with her sword whenever she wants and i’d thank her
person 1 : "man, beidou’s so hot!"
person 2 : "i main her btw"
person 1 : "ok idc"
by 8960 April 7, 2021
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a literal goddess oh my god please beidou marry me im begging you
person 1: who is that hot sexy beautiful perfect woman over there
person 2: that's our lord and saviour beidou
person 1: oh my god im in love
by aethersupremacist July 6, 2021
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Electric bitch with a sword, and a fancy thing in her hair from Genshin Impact.
"Wow I can't believe that I got Beidou, she's amazing!"
by PLANT_GOD! December 17, 2020
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the hottest pirate mommy not a milf because she dont got no kids big bonker honkers sexy woman with a phat ass claymore *drool*
someone : holy who is that fine lady with the fat ass and big milkers

me : thats the hottest genshin character her name is beidou
by beidousgf April 20, 2021
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