wats going on bei?
im gd babz
by umting1 February 16, 2009
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Another way of saying mate, that is also said randomly, in the similar way that bruh is. It is sometimes also said as “beibedebei” for extra emphasis.
bei 1: do you want to meet tomorrow

bei 2: yes BEI
by bruhman21 January 30, 2021
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a name used for someone you hold highly and closely. usually a partner or a very close friend.
"you know bailey? yeah, she's my bei. ♥"
by beii November 15, 2020
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a small mat to put your drink on. this keeps condensation from forming on the table.
Im glad I had that bei under my drink.
by TommyOrlando September 12, 2009
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A term used in the Caribbean (specifically The Bahamas) to refer to a person (friend/acquaintance/man/woman/sometimes an animal). The "ey" is like saying "uh" and "ay" at the same time. Similar to the Jamaican patois term man dem, which refers to a person. Also similar to the word dude. Not to be confused with Beyonce's nickname Bey (Bee); which came about waaay after.
Adrian: Bey, you see that girl?
Brian: Yes bey, she fine af.
Adrian: Watch me get her number.
Brian: Bey, I dare you.
by DaddiWhyllz July 20, 2015
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Ultimate asian buttshecks.

Originated from the word 'Beijing'
Wow, I had the best bei bei with BBJ last night!!!
by Bei Bei March 31, 2005
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A colloquial term native to The Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It originally was meant as a replacement for 'Boy' but has since become capable of replaceing todays nigga and dog/dogg in normal conversation.

Other Spellings: Buey, Buy, Beuy
"Ma bey dem" "Lookhearrbey" "maaaannn-BEY"
by thinsoldier February 24, 2004
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