The act of separating the head of a person from their body. Usually done with a knife, axe, sword, etc.
Teenager 1:"If I ever see that bully again I think I will behead her with a knife from the school cafeteria!"
Teenager 2: "Whoa you can't do that, dude!"
by dj crackpot October 26, 2017
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overwhelmed by or judgmentally impaired by a rush of particularly potent emotion, generally due to substance abuse.
Susan thought she had it together but her friends realized she was fairly beheaded when she could not properly order a sundae at McDonalds.

John did not realize he was beheaded until he was slapped by each girl at the party.
by PitFaced June 01, 2012
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When someone cuts off someone else head. This can happen a number of ways. Decapitation is another word for it.
Mary Queen of Scotts had a beheading last week.
by Carter335783 January 31, 2020
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A grammatically incorrect, ghetto-speak method of referring to a place where one is going currently.
Tyrone said, to his fellow thug homeboys, "I beheading to the projects, yo!"
by Deranged Sanity September 06, 2014
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A little bite on the nob, which, when penis is hard, a mark should be visible, this mark resembles a medieval beheading that has had to be repeated, giving it a to sectioned look (eg.--)
Man, yesterday this chick Lisa, she bitt down on my boy's cock, he said, it look like a beheading (aka beknobing), and it hurt like one too..
by P.M 19.95 November 11, 2009
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