bir ˈmə-nē\
1. Extra money for non-essential payments,
available for spending on luxuries, hobbies,
or a fresh pint of your favorite draft.
2. Also known as discretionary income.

Pooky Welch likes to spend her beer money on books.
by Pooky Welch October 11, 2012
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unexpected or ill gotten money whose sole purpose is to purchase beer to party.
It turns out that class I signed up for was canceled, so I just sold my books and now I have beer money.
by woody March 25, 2004
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money that one persons goes aroung asking for ussually collects about 60-70 bucks
but only brings back two measley 30 packs keeping 40 to himself hen resells them for
a buck each gion home with a bill,
(fuck what a genius i think im going to do that next week)
hey! who has end on beer money
by danny March 16, 2005
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The absolute best tag team in pro wrestling today PERIOD. Consists of former Team Canada member Robert Roode, and former A.M.W. member "The Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm.
Hey, did you guys see Beer Money Inc. wipe the floor with DX last night?
by Phenomenal1 November 15, 2009
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