Pooky, name for a loved one.
Aww, look there's my Pooky!
by EvelynT July 3, 2012
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A Pooky is someone that is perfect in every way. For someone to be a pooky they must be beautiful, generous, caring, loving, smart, able to make you smile and be just all around amazing. A Pooky is someone to be cherished and loved as the prize that they are. Pooky's are one of a kind people and they should not be taken for granted.
Isaac: Alli, you're my pooky and because of that I will love you forever.
Alli: Oh I love you too but to a lesser extent.
by McManfred November 15, 2014
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-An amazing person
-yer bffffffffff
-a teddy bear named pooky
-gorgeous girl
-a nice nickname
pooky loves pooky pookerton
by haileighxbby November 9, 2007
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Pooky is the name of a character in the film New Jack City starring Mario van Peebles and Ice-T. Pooky turns grass on his drug overlords and is tortured to death when found out. He's also very twitchy because he's always going cold-turkey, so it applies to anyone who's like that.
by Monkeymagic July 12, 2005
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To feel a mixture of sadness and boredom. Not wanting to do anything because nothing interests you. Often followed by frustration.
I was feeling pooky, so I didn't hang out with my friends.
by Sun Lin November 24, 2010
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A short, long haired young man with cubicles in other peoples minds.
I would have outsmarted him, but that fucker Pooky used his abilities and was one step ahead.
by NCNW July 29, 2008
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