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located in yonkers NY where varius illigal activities take place, many losers hang out there every day of the week wiht hopes that someone will show up with drugs.
Basshead, Rich, Brianna and a few other 12 year olds
by danny December 1, 2003
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Pretty Much an Arsehole, Normally Drunk, normally pissed off at the word and is generally an ugly sod, yet his taste in music is so good that all others take note
None Available, its rare to actually find one for long periods of time
by danny August 23, 2004
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A completely original, kick-ass band. it's name was created from the idea that the day Thursday is the transition between the work week and the weekend.
Not exactly emo, having evolved substantially since Full Collapse, it's really "screamo" album, it's genre is probably post-hardcore.
They have 4 albums avalable, 3 cds, Waiting, Full Collapse, and War All the Time, and 1 EP, Five Stories Falling.
thursday rules. that's all there is to say
by danny April 6, 2004
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money that one persons goes aroung asking for ussually collects about 60-70 bucks
but only brings back two measley 30 packs keeping 40 to himself hen resells them for
a buck each gion home with a bill,
(fuck what a genius i think im going to do that next week)
hey! who has end on beer money
by danny March 16, 2005
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1.A person who loves the 13 inch black penis and who masterbates to black males at friends houses 24/7
2.A person who will never get laid
3.A complete douch ass bag

P.S. dont take this shit seriously its just a joke and if any one named Steavy Marden sees this im not talkin about him im talking about my friend Stevie
Dude dont be a steavy thats gay.
by danny February 19, 2005
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An phrase indigenous to the rural peoples of Norn Iron and The Republic Of Ireland.
It means things are going exceptionally well.

An attempt by plastic paddy colin murray to bring this phrase to the attention of the british public is underway.

see also the phrases "going great guns" and "cruising at 90".
nigel:"how are Armagh doing in the all Ireland?"
seamus:"jaysus they're sucking diesel so they are sir."
by danny August 1, 2004
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a person that follows a trend and has no brain
"trendie scum"
"hahaha look its a trendie"
by danny December 10, 2003
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