Besides the obvious "give me a beer," it is used to ask someone to pass or hand an object to you. It also can be used in a more figurative sense as a request or plea.

Used by character Andy in "Product Recall" ep. of "The Office" ("the joke only gets a laugh 25% of the time").
Hey, beer me that torque wrench.

Lord, beer me strength.
by Bench May 3, 2007
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1.) Generally used to ask for another beer.

2.) Can be substituted for the term "give me" (if you're a total dutchbag) ala The Office
"Mike, you're closest to the fridge, fucking beer me bro."

"Hey Jim, beer me that water"

"God beer me strength"
by Elias Creed April 27, 2007
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Slang for get me a beer....the act of needing a beer, espically when somebody is on their way to the fridge to get another.
I'm runnin low, beer me.
by Pompous Smurf October 5, 2006
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a cry for help. when you need a beer but cant get it yourself.
dude, beer me since your up. i got my girl riding me and i cant get it myself
by cythebeerguy March 6, 2016
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1. vi. An invitation to hand or throw the speaker a beer.
2. vt. An invitation to hand or throw the speaker an object.
1. I'm so getting wasted tonight. Beer me.
2. Hey, can you beer me that CD? My girlfriend's compiled an awesome mix.
by z-d April 29, 2007
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A social interaction invented by some schmuck named Taylor back in 2016 in which one party will post the words “Beer me” in a group chat, forum, or other online place of gathering, and the people of that group who are fond of the the first person will customarily respond with the single beer (🍺) emoji, symbolizing buying or giving that person a beer. In turn, if the original person is fond of the second person they may respond with the double beer (🍻) emoji, symbolizing and acceptance of their gift, and a klinking of the glasses in friendship or solidarity.
First person: Beer me
Second person: 🍺
First person: 🍻 (we are friends)

First person: Beer me
Second person: 🍻
First person: I can’t believe you’ve done this, Pete. May your kidneys turn to jelly and your eyes to dust. Never speak my name again.
by DatPostmil December 19, 2017
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"Beer me up" is what you would say, when you are drinking beers and just emptied the one in your hand and sit too far away from the case of beers to get a new one, without having to get up and walk to it. If you have some decent friends one of them will obviously hand you a beer.
by BeerGuy2000 September 12, 2010
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