the time of day when it is time to crack open a nice cold beer
Friend 1-"What time is it dude?"
Friend 2-"Its almost beer 30!"
by jimmycrackbeer November 01, 2009
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The time of day when work is over and its time to put a beer in your hand.
What time is it? I don't know but its beer:30 somewhere. (similar to margaritaville thought process)
by pylorns May 30, 2008
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The shittiest beer known to mankind.
Man, all you have is Beer 30? I'd rather drink warm dog piss!
by chickenshitmchammers July 28, 2010
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As the night goes along and the beer keeps on pouring it's only natural to lose track of time. You have to be somewhere in the morning and you're wondering what time it is. You look down at your watch and see Beer:30!!! Another round!!!
Dude 1: I have work at 8 tomorrow man, what time is it??

Dude 2: It's Beer:30!!! Gimme 2 Blue Moons!

by CheeseDanish March 29, 2009
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The unofficial end of the work day, 4:30 quitting time as opposed to official quit time of 5:00
I'm calling BEER:30, let's go, and it's your round as I recall
by donkey mobile August 21, 2009
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The time of night when you don't want to be driving. Cops and drunks are everywhere a half hour after the bars let out.
"We should really hit the road, it's almost beer 30."
by Vanshand October 24, 2008
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some time after beer drinking should have started
Guy to friends: "Hey, you started without me!"
Friends: "Your bad ... it's Beer:30"
by BeerGood October 22, 2012
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