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Occurs when a person is both basic and simultaneously edgy. Can be considered a positive or negative statement depending on the context.
*Jessie is wearing a Thrasher top but she doesn't skate*
"Omg can Jessie get anymore bedgy, what a fake"
by RhiRhi Got back July 29, 2017
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When someone who is normally classed as a basic bitch tries to be more edgy by stealing random small things from other cultures so she looks a bit more unique e.g. Wears khaki cargo pants with full face of makeup and maybe heels .This can also be applied to boys e.g. Roadmen who start wearing supreme/ thrasher and pretend they can skate.
"found this black lace up top on 'pretty little thing' it's going to look so edgy with a sparkly choker "(bedgy bitch who doesn't understand the culture and will remain a cringy wannabe by saying "edgy")
by Overmybedhead June 03, 2018
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