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my name for my baby. derived from chinese for 'baby'.
i luf my bebee julie!
by steven March 01, 2005
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A signifigant other that you would be willing to have a baby with. You have un-protected sex with them wishing for a child to come of your actions. She means more to you than any other women you have ever dated. More than a girlfriend, she is a soulmate
I can not wait to finish in my Bebees Tina. She is a women that deserves my child.
by Ray Elbe May 19, 2006
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The coolest club in the world that only stephybebee, pantsbebee, randallbebee, and stevenbebee can be in so if you want to be one, kiss my ass you can't be! Thanks bye!
"HEY BEBEE! how are u?"


"The head is limp bebee!
by bebee December 12, 2004
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