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A kickass way to call your beloved :
Gio: Hi amor :
Mari: AMFG!!! Hi bebes! How is you???
Gio: *Freaked out* ... Fine... o_o
by Mari G June 24, 2009
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Another way of saying baby to your baby
Hey bebe, fetch me a sandwhich ^_^
by Jeldah May 07, 2004
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(n.) A nickname used to show affection towards your boyfriend or girlfriend. Synonymous to babe, baby, honey, etc. The person's name may also be attached to the end of the word "bebe" as in the example below.
by hachimitsu June 11, 2010
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term of endearment. Usually used by couples because baby is just too mainstream.
1. hello bebe I've missed you!

2. Water you doing bebe?

3. Bebe lets sleep.
by captain amewica August 19, 2012
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A very attractive woman who has amazing eyes and a fun personality. she is very funny & caring. And loves spongebob.
Person 1: Hey I'm mark!
person 2: Im bebe!
by epicnoodles September 24, 2010
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A South Park Character and Wendys best freind
"No, thats okay Bebe, you migt trip and fall and then we'd all be sucked into your huge gaping vagina like ants into a vaccume cleaner"
by Beavis'Chick August 12, 2006
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