a very attractive person. who is related to a family with some of the most appealing guys and girl you will ever meet.


definition:Beautiful, handsome

fits his whole family!

aka the brasseurs.
ahh beaux and his brothers are really really rediculously good looking.


Beaux. so hot right now, Beaux.
by luckycharmzz December 19, 2009
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Beaux is the popular kid the f boy the kid who hits on your mom when he wants to and has 37 girlfriends
by stanky fishy December 17, 2019
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A beautiful British ASMRtist with a wonderful personality.
Person 1: "Hey dude do you listen to Beaux ASMR? She is very awesome at ASMR!

Person 2: "Woah, I'll make sure to check her out! Thanks dude!"
by ondatcracktho February 3, 2021
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( de beaux ) Meaning to be of great stock/ breeding. To descend from french royalty and to have the right to raise an army in the kings name and take over the whole world should you see fit.
( Beau )~ french; a handsome man.
BOB: " You will bow before me and acknowledge me as your ruler in these lands because I am a DE BEAUX. You will also give me one million dollars. beeyatch.
by master kirk March 11, 2009
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Similar to a blizzle, but characterized specifically by the act of oral sex by a woman to a man, performed in the state of Louisiana where oral sex is against the law, which results in the man ejaculating into the woman's mouth, and the woman swallowing the ejaculate without disengaging from the act of performing oral sex.
Your mom is on her period this week, so you know that means I'm getting a blizzle beaux jizzle!
by beauxbadeaux April 1, 2008
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