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Don´t make her made because if you do hell will let loose. She is funny yet, inappropriate at most times. She is great and loyal to all of her friends even though she limits her friends so she doesn´t have to deal with so many people.
Madilynn is great
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Very Beautiful, bright Eyed, smart and humorous woman with the most exceptional personality. A Madilynn can win over any crowd with her outgoing sense of humor and positive attitude.
That Madilynn is great.
by moonshine007 October 12, 2010
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A fine piece of ass. She knows what it is like to have a good time. She's not a whore, but she's good with her tongue. Intense kissing is what she likes. She like to get crazy. She's a fun person. She is also very intelligent and gets good grades. She is a bit ditsy though. Gets distracted easily. Fails a lot, but every time she does, she tries harder. All the boys at her school chase her. She has those beautiful eyes, perfect hair, and banging body. Everyone want to tap that. Her butt is perfect. Not huge, but defiantly not small. Her boobs are the real show stopper though. Those things are wonderful. Very easy on the eyes. Overall she is a nice, smart person as long as you don't make her mad. Piss her off and all hell will let loose. She doesn't control her anger. She gets upset easy, but she forgives and she forgets. She has a lot of friends. She is popular. The guys want her, girls want to be her.
That Madilynn is fine. Oh Madilynn.
by DinosaURadinosour March 27, 2013
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A total bad-ass greaser, in her spare time she dons shades and flies to the moon. She's tough and wise-crackin', although when it comes down to it, she'll meekly show some traces of, dare I say it, fondness for her friends, which she'll immediately dismiss with an insult and a spit.

If you're in with a Madilynn, she'll offer you long explanations of worlds and ideas beyond your comprehension, and if you dare interrupt her like a square, be prepared for exile. She might sing a ditty for you, or draw lines that will make you cry, but don't mix up Tenenbaum and Sofia Lamb, or expect a hard punch to the jaw.
Total G: Damn, did you see Madilynn's gamer score? She's seriously good at Bioshock, I think she got every single achievement.

James Dean: I wish Madilynn would merely glance at me, it would complete my entire life.

Madilynn: You, me, and 1959.
by square587943574398543 January 20, 2011
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Madilynn can be very sweet, {loving} and kind but do not please do not get her mad because oh lord Jesus you don’t even wanna know

But Madilynn is very {popular} in school and has all the guys attention but sometimes she gets carried away in her beauty and starts drama altho she is ver sensitive and can’t hold her anger she does have a soft spot that can be broken through very easily but don’t break the wrong spot or ya know.
Madilynn is intelligent

Madilynn is mean something

Madilynn is cute
by Definitions 👅 July 23, 2018
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A girl who lights up every room she walks into. When she starts speaking everyone is enraptured, she has a beautiful voice and she’s intelligent. She has creative ideas way beyond my comprehension, she’s beautiful and she plays the keyboard like a beast. She’s athletic but not annoyingly so, she loves and cares for almost everyone she knows, and she’s just
She’s perfect.
I love Madilynn because she’s perfect.

Have you seen Madilynn lately? She’s amazing!
by Micahfox33 February 26, 2019
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