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A tool used by women to get what they want from life. Cleverage is often used to distract men during negotiations. Combination of clevage and leverage.
We all knew Sue used her cleverage for all it was worth to work her way up the corporate ladder.
by Nunnayabiznis July 14, 2005
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1. Leverage gained through a cunning use of word play/cleverness.

2. A refreshing interlude of cleverness before a more substantial conversation.
1. The pun gave me just enough cleverage to get her to agree on meeting us out for drinks.

2. I sipped my beverage awaiting my meal, as I thought of the perfect cleverage to break the ice on our discussion of the in-laws.
by Jason Edward Cook July 22, 2011
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Using ones breasts to provide leverage when opening a jar or bottle or otherwise manipulating a difficult object.
Jessica struggled to open the bottle of champagne until she put it between her breasts and used a little cleverage.
by JeoCasher March 28, 2009
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