Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Beat Street is a cracked out dance club catered toward teenagers, both male and female. Not only does beat street blast the sweetest tunes, but its decor, especially the fake graffiti, is truly spectacular.
During the summer months, Beat Street opens its doors to the campers of Julian Krinsky's numerous programs and provides these privileged adolescents with a place to unleash their inner dancer. It is not uncommon for the drama inherent in summer camps to accompany the campers to Beat Street; consequently, the club is the site for many showdowns, fall-outs, and shouting matches.
Caroline: So when are you going to hook up with your boy friend?

Lauraly: Good question, i'm not sure...i was hoping to tonight at Beat Street
Brie: dude, when are you going to make a move on your girl?

Matthias: dude, i want to tonight at Beat Street...them bitches get mad easy thurr!
by Matthias Jones June 12, 2008
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Those girls were beat street dude.
by Brad February 7, 2005
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when chillin passin around the bong or bowl perhaps and youre like the 3rd or 4th head to hit it and your hit tastes like an ashtray.
A: did you get a hit?

B: nah it was beat street.
by theletht February 12, 2009
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hungover, the feeling of being beaten up from drinking way too much the night before.
The Cooker: "What's up man?"
Pete Dick: "Hanging out on Beats Street..."
The Cooker: "Guess you don't want to go to the Kirk Hotel then..."
Pete Dick: "Fuck no, I am in, lets get socially lubricated"
by Pete Dick March 15, 2008
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To have a personal item and or possession removed from one's self unwillingly. To unknowingly give away your belonging for good, by cause of mischievous action; a prank. To be jacked.
Little Sarah walked through the alley alone, and placed herself on Beat Street.

Girl: Hey, can I borrow your car?
Guy: Sure, why not?
by Noel17 December 22, 2006
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A store in Downtown Brooklyn that has a very wide selection of music, tapes, records, DVDs, and some really underground stuff.
Jamie: Have you heard the Grey Album?
Diane: Of course! Michelle got it from Beat Street!
by Diane March 2, 2004
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used to describe your favorite watering hole when an unwanted friend overhears your description of the previous nights exploits. The misdirection is used so that said unwanted friend will not show up to your favorite establishment in the future.
Pete Dick: "Me and T. Gay really got fuck up last night."
The Cooker: "damn, when I left you were still jacking for beats and seemed fairly socially lubricated."
Pete Dick: "Well we Irished Ourselves pretty good."
Uncle Freddie: "Where was this?"
Pete Dick and the Cooker: "the Beats Street Tavern."
Uncle Freddie: "Where is that."
Pete Dick: "Jones Road"
by Pete Dick March 19, 2008
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