To fall asleep, or go to bed. A state of extreme tiredness. To pass out. (hood way of saying i am going to bed)
Liz:" I'm so tired i'm passin, deuces"

Natalie: "Dude that fat blunt made me so tired i think i'm passin too"
by edougy March 28, 2009
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You know when you you go for a shit and it starts off small and tapers up to a fuckin huge drip shaped turd.....well imagine that bastard with nuts and sweetcorn!!!!
Joe: Wheres Nick?
Pete: Last time i seen him he was passin a pinecone in the bushes..
Joe: hope to fuck theres no squirrels around........
by playfulgorilla March 04, 2009
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How the cool kids say "Passing kidney stones"
Person 1: Ayo bro im passin stones
Person 2: What?
Person 1: Passin kidney stones
by HighIce August 13, 2021
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