street term for the over the counter opiate oxy contin. gets the name bean from the way it looks, similar to various types of beans. highly addictive. the bean can be smoke, snorted, taken orally, or intraveniously.
i just scored some bean, im gonna get fucked up.
by Poopskie January 08, 2009
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This special word can be used as a verb, adjective, and noun! Beans is the name you'd call your tortoise shell cat who's slightly overweight. Most likely to befriend cats called chandlerdude. Beans is also a word you can yell to relieve stress or anger. It is a comforting word and can be used in almost any sentence. If you want to be spontaneous, feel free to randomly blurt this word. Beans can be used in many different ways and is very useful and helpful in all situations. If you use it enough, it will most likely become your favorite word.
Noun - Pet owner: "The cat is on the furniture, beans! Get down!"
Adjective - Person: "I think I failed my history exam, aw beans!"
Verb - Person: "I'm going to get a workout at the gym!"
Other person: "What kind of workout?"
Person: "Beans"
Other examples: "I'm so stressed... Beans"
by QueenDoodie May 28, 2017
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Originated in young Ealing at a less than mediocre house party with some homies

Stoner 1 : man I'm sooo beans

Stoner 2 : *chuckles*
by White Troy March 01, 2014
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A term most commonly used on the West Coast (or more specifically the Pacific Northwest) that refers to Oxycontin.

Beans can be:
-Crushed and railed
-Shot up interveinously (more uncommon)

1) "Hey guys! Want to smoke beans?!"

2) "My dawg Sean and I were cruisin' Muk-Town (Mukilteo) lookin' for some beans."

3) "My cousin is hooked on Oxy's and has to pay over a $100 every day for a single bean.."
by Uber Jackball March 29, 2008
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