14 definitions by Franky

a person who is very intelligent, charming, sexy, hot, ...
Hey that boy is a real jellepie !!
by Franky March 25, 2003
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one who continually "mooches" or uses others to acquire goods or services.
"Buy your own beer you fucking chizzler!"
by Franky November 15, 2002
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umm sex in public places, thrill of getting caught, bj's on the freeway kinda thing
Johnny fucked sally on the hood of the car on the free way in the middle of rushour
by Franky September 17, 2003
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1. A homeless wardriver, hacker, or computer expert.
2. A computer made from old spare parts in such a crappy way that it nearly explodes when turned on.
1. That d0ppy should get a job.
2. My can't get my d0ppy to boot.
by Franky March 11, 2005
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ill knock u vuggin vagguds the vug out!
by Franky June 6, 2003
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A certain person who works 9 days on and 5 days off at our place of work.
Those numpty flexi workers are useless.
by Franky July 11, 2004
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