a movie well known for African teens exposing men for eating and spilling beans in theatres
me: *eats beans while watching cars 2 in theatres*
*spills beans*

African teen: this nigga eating beans

everyone: laughs

me: instant death
by ur mom's bootyhole June 26, 2018
The greatest movie ever, only can be used in a scale of how great things are
"On a scale of The Godfather to Cars 2, how was your latest Phone Call?"
- Verizon Customer Support
by Beans2.0 October 29, 2018
The best movie you’ll ever watch. Cars 2 is a true cinematic masterpiece for the ages, it’s greatness is misunderstood by the foolish public. Cars 2 is a truly great movie, and one of the best cinematic masterpieces of all time.
John: Man I wanna watch Cars 2 on Disney+!

Jake: Cars 2? That shitty movie, that’s kinda cringe, bro, ngl

John: Jake, have you even watched Cars 2? It’s Pixar’s magnum opus!

Jake: Yeah right you dumb bitch. Have you seen the reviews it has, everyone hates it

John: everyone hates you too but here you are

*John then forces Jake yo watch Cars 2 with him*
by Cars2Enjoyer July 18, 2022
Jake: wow, this Twitter page fucking sucks!

John: oh, you must be talking about Cars 2 Enjoyer.

Jake: how in the fuck did you know that?

John: it’s been scientifically proven that she’s the least funny Twitter user ever!

Jake: I thought you were.

John: Fuck You!

Jake: why don’t you fuck me yourself, Daddy.

John: why the fuck did you say that?

Jake: Punish me Daddy, uwu.

John grabs a shot gun

John: We can’t expect god to do all the work.
by Cars2Enjoyer July 18, 2022
It sucks and forever will suck. It is the worse movie to exist. I rather die or watch Charlie Demileo instead of watching that bullshit.
His Friends: No

His Friends: Its the worst movie to exist.
His Friends: "Walle" is a better movie.
(Walle: A movie about a robot chasing down a plant to restore earth.)
by Scream Endlessly 69 June 16, 2021
when your girlfriends flips over during anal
So we we're fucking and then boom Cars 2 The Video Game (DS)
by fsgbrdbtsbtbtr February 13, 2022
A awesome game on roblox, you play this game by crushing cars for parts and money,there are over 140 unlockable vehicles and 44 crushers some crushers can be unlocked by buying gamepasses with the roblox currency ROBUX,the game passes are

Extra Colors
10 robux
Gold Material
350 robux
Silver Material
80 robux
Super Human
100 robux
20 robux
90 robux.
Premium Crushers
180 robux
Energy Core Access
350 robux
Platinum Material
600 robux
Neon Material
35 robux.

There is a stunt park, and a derby mode with multiple game modes, and a energy core which can be blown up by a person with the energy core gamepass if your survive the self destruct you will be awarded with money and parts.
when will car crushers 2 be free!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
by blackcat1407 August 9, 2018