A pasty eating teenager who frequently orders his mother to deliver him "more hotpockets"
"Beaf, get on CSGO you ugly piece of shit" - Prezzor 2k16
by JKBBBBB June 04, 2016
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May be a form of the word 'beefing'. Essentially means having a feud.
Barack Obama is beafing Donald Trump because he was attacked by him in the past.
by Maclatunji September 04, 2018
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A name for a friend named Beth whos hard of hearing.
Gosh beth is so deaf I'm gonna call her beaf from now on.
by Yayaga February 09, 2020
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When you fart on someones face whil they are sleeping or laying down
Last night, we beaf stewed my brother.
by Michael Garberich October 21, 2006
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old brown camel toe'd vagina that looks pretty much like a roast beaf sandwich.
Your mom's vagina's a roast beaf sandwich!
by aaron June 06, 2004
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scorj-di-beaf (scorej dee beef)

When you've got something to settle with somebody. Such as a fight or you need to settle who hasn't paid for the bill at a restaurant yet.
Example: "I got scorj-di-beaf"
by mickydeee September 09, 2007
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