a condition, commonly contracted at the beach, in which a male has sand on his testicles, very uncomfortable
god, i let them bury me in the sand and i came out with a massive case of beach balls
by beachballa August 21, 2008
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My friend was at the beach all day and had sand in his pants. He had beach balls.
by shadow12314 August 21, 2008
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When you get the spinning beach ball icon while working with a Macintosh computer. A Frustrating Experience.
When I opened Adobe Photoshop I was Beach Balling.
by Logantrox October 4, 2010
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Hey girl, put that beach ball in the air
Look at 'dem beach balls
Imma smack that beach ball
by dirtymikeanddaboyz September 14, 2019
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When a wayward OS X application freezes up and the spinning rainbow beach ball appears in lieu of your mouse cursor. A vast improvement over OS 9 app crashes, which would bring down your whole system, although still annoying.
Man, this flash heavy web page just beach balled Safari, time for a force quit.
by eecue May 21, 2007
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A nicer word for a hypodermic needle left at the beach. Coined by Reno 911!.
Last time we went to the beach, Travis stepped on a beach ball, and we thought he contracted AIDS.
by Hurricane-D October 20, 2010
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a condition that causes shrinkage of a man's testicles when exposed to cold water, especially common at the beach. also called, pool balls, hairy walnut, or salt-water nuts. always a source of great laughter.
did you hook up with that beach bunny?

no way possible after she saw the beach balls. she just couldn't stop laughing long enough to be serious.
by SCRhollywood February 4, 2010
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