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1 - what your scro looks like when it gets ice-cold.
2 - a drink (named for the above) made by combining a quarter bottle of Disarrano Amaretto, and equal amount of grape kool-aid, and a shot of sour mix. gives heinous hangovers, but tastes like a grape sweet tart
After diving in the freezing river, I ended up with a hairy walnut.
by ron ap rhys July 08, 2003
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A tiny, almost imperceptible cough, usually hidden behind a mask due to; emphysema, asthma, allergies or the dreaded COVID, so as not to alarm others to your potential of being “the infected.”
I was walking through the grocery store and I had a tickle in my throat but I didn’t want people to think I was contagious so I let out a microcough.
by PeteLoaf320 November 25, 2020
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