1. being other people 's tray, be used, be tools for others
1.Tommy got made and be-trayed by his buddy ...
2.Mankind got be-trayed by the New World Order Mafia..
by sinny L March 31, 2010
comes from college campuses that have enough room and enough hills and good winters....

traying is like sledding, only on a cafeteria tray.... we college kids don't have room to keep a sled in our rooms, so we "borrow" a lunch tray and we're set.... better than snow disks!
My friends and I are going to go traying on the big hill tonight after the cafeteria closes.
by Little Hurd Girl January 22, 2005
Some guy that all the girls want and has some nice abs and a big dick
Omg tray is so hot..I wonder how he does it
by Rileyjennerr February 22, 2016
the male equivalent of transbian.
(a transmasc homosexual)
jay: period, period, go away! i don’t need you, i am tray
by sleepy | LesbeanGirlHalo July 20, 2021
Tray is the most goofiest guy you might ever meet.he only loves this one girl that caught his eye.He finds her beautiful
Some person:whos that girl?
Tray:oh thats my babe dont dare lay eyes on her bitch
Some person:oop sorry
by CUTTIEE October 24, 2019
In slang often used for "three". Tray Eight is for example a .38 cal handgun.
by Sallay June 10, 2005
an great looking guy, who is so smart, sexy, funny, and treats girls right. He could play the game but stays with one
Girl: Damn, whos that hottie over there?
Girl2: Ohhh that Tray. Hes a loyal guy though, sorry?
by trabsher December 12, 2010