Some guy that all the girls want and has some nice abs and a big dick
Omg tray is so hot..I wonder how he does it
by Rileyjennerr February 22, 2016
Tray is the most goofiest guy you might ever meet.he only loves this one girl that caught his eye.He finds her beautiful
Some person:whos that girl?
Tray:oh thats my babe dont dare lay eyes on her bitch
Some person:oop sorry
by CUTTIEE October 24, 2019
Slang that heroin addicts use for a small square of foil with a piece of heroin on it that has not been smoked off of yet.
Coley: Can you hand me that tray?
TJ: Hahah, uhmm, I already smoked it all.
by Cassandra Q October 19, 2011
the male equivalent of transbian.
(a transmasc homosexual)
jay: period, period, go away! i don’t need you, i am tray
by sleepy | LesbeanGirlHalo July 20, 2021
Simply meaning true.

Derived from the speed needed to say the word "true" in certain situations but not being able to finish the ending.
Tray! Let's go!
by dkongkill February 19, 2011
Person with an afro hairstyle so flat a tray could be balanced upon it
Look how flat his hair is, he's a tray
by Wordowlicker February 21, 2019
The sport of bowling’s term for perfect game or 300 game.
I shot tray last year during league and received a ring.
by Lane1bowler February 17, 2018