3 definitions by Elz-ox

1) a word used after a greeting to a friend
2) what a girlfriend and a boyfriend say to each other
3) A Girl Which lads think is hot
1) hey babe
2) Babe, I Love You
3) Woah, She's a Total Babe!
by Elz-ox March 8, 2008
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1) a short/slang word for babes. often used on msn, in text messages and in emails
1)"heya bbz u ok?"
"Yeh I'm Gd Tah Bbz"
by Elz-ox March 8, 2008
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1)Gossip passed from one person to another before it gets to the person that is being gossiped about.
he said she said example...

1)"sherry-ann said that paul said that amy said that will said that lee-anne said that elisha said that jade said that james said he licked you out!"

"yeh well you can tell sherry-ann to tell paul to tell amy to tell will to tell lee-anne to tell elisha to tell jade that none of it's true. james is making up lies because i wouldn't dump my bf for him!"
by Elz-ox March 8, 2008
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