Being British Disorder, if you know someone with horrible teeth, obsessed with tea, and has a cartoonish british accent; they may be afflicted and should seek medical treatment.
"My friend has stage 2 BBD"
"Saw shit dude is it bad?"
"He keeps singing a little jig about bangers and mash, it's sad."
by ggine September 27, 2021
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Damn, Sharon, I love him. He's got a nice BBD
I thought he was white
Shut up sharon I hate you
by IDK.WHAT.TO.NAME.ME.876 March 4, 2023
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When the husband claims it’s cheaper to keep her while searching for his BBD. Bigger better deal.
Mike was out on the prowl…he was on the hunt for his latest BBD.
by Tostada January 23, 2022
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BBD--Bigger Better Deal
Boss, I am quitting my job here, because I know there is no BBD here for me!
by John Wordsleuth November 10, 2021
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