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When a female stretches her neck so far and starts preforming something on her own self. Imagine it. I won’t type it. Just…how does one’s own neck reach far enough to preform that action when feeling in the mood? Wow..
Jessica:Hmm..I’m kind of in the mood tonight…good thing my neck is long!
Jessica:*Begins to preform The unperformable female action*
Robert, her boyfriend:*walks in* Jessica! How? How are you doing that? I could have done it!
Jessica:I don’t need you anymore.
Jessica:Just kidding, who’s gonna do all this for me anymore?
Robert:Me! Hahaha…good thing you were kidding.
Jessica:Yeah. I’d never leave you.
by IDK.WHAT.TO.NAME.ME.876 May 31, 2023
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When someone braids their toe hair, they are doing it in fear, anger, defeat, annoyance, sadness, or all of the listed adjectives. This is usually caused by a roast too effective to just make the person scream FROOT LOOPS!
Sarah:AHHH! *braids toe hair*
Bystander:Was she just braiding toe hair?
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Sharon is that one name in silly things. Usually, in those silly things, Sharon is a stinkle winkle, and a absolute booger eater. Stay away from most Sharons at any cost, they will usually waddle over to you at increasingly more rapid speeds to bite your ankles.
Rebecca:Hey Sharon.
Sharon:Hey Rebecca. I don’t know how to read. Also you’re an ogre, right?
Rebecca:What the fuck Sharon
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Oh crap of frick oh god oh FRICK CRAP OH NO GOD
This sentence is used whenever:
1-Robbers have broken into your house
2-The airplane came, but the wrong one. Said before the airplane crashes into your house.
3-What a child says when they learn "almost curse words" for the first time
4-what you say before your uncle Declan plays the touching game and you don't want to
Mother:here comes the airplane *moves her hand around, spoon in hand.*
Child:*looks outside* Mama-
Mother:Oh crap of frick oh god oh FRICK CRAP OH NO GOD
Child:Crap frick

Mother:don't say that, little billy
Turns out they were dreaming after the incident in a coma, and little billy never said mama at the end.
by IDK.WHAT.TO.NAME.ME.876 May 21, 2023
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My substitute for the f-word. Very good, I like it more than other f-word substitutes, such as:Frick, fudge, free, fan, franchise
You can use this! Have fun with being more polite or whatever and say Fuchsia today. (Wtf this sounds like an ad lol wut XD)
Mother:Son, I must tell you you’re little wiener is too little.
Mother:I needed something to satisfy my desire. You were my choice, but…
Son:Mom, I am so concerned.
Mother:*crow sounds* yes I see why.
Son:Why the crow sounds?
Mother:It adds something to my sentence.
Son:I see why now.
by IDK.WHAT.TO.NAME.ME.876 June 7, 2023
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Damn, Sharon, I love him. He's got a nice BBD
I thought he was white
Shut up sharon I hate you
by IDK.WHAT.TO.NAME.ME.876 March 4, 2023
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