It’s a chicken that’s big and has black feathers.
Jimmy: Jake has a big black cock
Jim: what?
Jimmy: yeah he lives on a farm
the largest cock that jimmy doesn't have
jimmy dosnt have a Big black cock
by Danmahn November 28, 2022
A big black rooster (bird). Not to be confused with afro-american man's genitals
Want to see my big black cock? -Sorry, this is disgusting, i'm not a gay. -Please, stop to watch your stupid racist porn. It's a bird, and it lives in my yard!
by dildo777 September 22, 2020
Rebecca was thrilled when she opened a big black cock for her birthday.
by Bliss and Co. December 16, 2006
A male chicken that happens to produce a lot of melanin and is quite large. For more info, search "Ayam cemani"
My uncle owns an Ayam cemani farm. He ate a big black cock today.
by 32500 May 10, 2021
raphaels big black cock is 6” girth radius is 4 centimeters

the tip color is #FFDAB9
“Have you seen Raphaels big black cock!”
No i havent”
by rvmsee December 19, 2022