A BBC is A BIG BLACK COCK which means the biggest dick and its black
Carol said, "I just took a 24 in BBC in your bed last night son."
by 24in BBC March 1, 2022
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Where a woman goes for only big black cock and not for the development or

for looks or love or happiness.
"I love BBC!"
"It doesnt love you"
by TruthBeTold3 January 6, 2021
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Someone who has a BBC has a Huge massive juicy cock and is African American
That Nigga Tyrone got a Big fat juicy BBC.

Yeah IK he sent me a picture of if

Word forward that hoe

Ok 2 dollars

Bitch take my money
by IdkButIlikeJanessa May 25, 2022
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"Wow, she's got a BBC"
by Bellxnd December 28, 2021
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Like big black cocktail only better. Deyvis Vasquez Soto got a BBC
by ElectraHerz February 2, 2022
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