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1.A sauna-type place where gay guys fuck.
I'm out of starch.
Go to the bathhouse!
by CockLiquot November 05, 2003
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A place where men go in order to have hot and horny sex with each other.

These places usually offer two options : renting a locker or a "room". Most of these rooms are small, but can be equipped with a TV (displaying gay porn) or large mirrors.

A decent bath house usually offers the following : spa, sauna, hammam, showers, dark/back room(s), movie rooms or TVs, a bar. Some bath houses also have glory holes, a movie theater, a weightlifting room, a large lockerroom, male masseuse, a swimming pool, etc.
I feel like having meaningless sex with a sexy guy, so I might go to the bath house.

I was into an incredibly hot orgy in that room at the bath house; the door had remained open and guys kept coming in.
by sk1tz01d December 29, 2005
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A place where men go to have sex with other men. Many of them are absolutely disgusting and reek of rotting semen and growing bacteria. Beware, 9 times out of 10 they are filled to the brim with people on a field trip from the aged fat people home. STD's get spread here like peanut butter on a sandwich. Most bathhouses are very dark so you can't see who's groping you or rubbing their dick up against your ass. Many people liken them to haunted houses because of the dark lighting, horrible stench, and theme rooms which include mazes, sling rooms (for sadistic freaks), glory holes, doctors offices, and creepy old men lurking around who look like sex offenders.
Naive Gay teen: I'm going to a bath house for the first time.. It sounds like so much fun! I'm gonna suck and get fucked by as many hot men as I can.

Smart Gay man: Noooo, don't go there. Ew. It will scar you emotionally, particularly since you're in shape, young, and fairly attractive. Creepy, old morbidly obese men will grope you in the middle of the dark.
by audiomuse1 August 15, 2011
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A place that homosexuals go to have hot nasty anonymous sex. Often while cruising in white, surprisingly clean towels.
He was in the bath house sling, getting plowed like a Nebraska corn field.
by Chad Hunt May 25, 2005
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a sub genre of electronic dance music (EDM), a style of music with deep rythmic bass tones, and a melody.
This type of music is typically played for gays, in a bath house environment. Bath House is characterized by long emotional trance-like breaks, searing diva vocals and sometimes a piano riff, or saxophone, chicago-house style. A vocal loop is not included with this definition, it must be a longer than 16 bars, non-repetitive.
"He was DJing very well, but then he got too bathy"
"That track has it all, sax, piano and diva vocals...its Chicago Bath House"
by scubastever May 15, 2007
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1. UncleJesse's 2nd home.
2. The main gathering area for all middle aged confirmed bachelors living in the Than Frandithco area.
3. Unofficial meeting place for the Man Frandisco Democratic Party.

I heard UncleJethy caught the gay-cancer at his favorite bath house. Das' fuct up yo. Hopefully he doesn't infect the canine community.
by Pug to the Po March 04, 2008
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A place where shitty ass male anal seekers look for guys to cum in, as in the story below:

A fag went to the Gay Fag Ass Butt Sex Anal/Oral Jolly Pride All-Male-Jizz-Fest (and Feast) Parade in New York. He met a smokin' hot dude and wanted to plunge his dick into his shitty asshole, so he invited the other gay faggot to a Broadway show. During the intermission, they engaged in gay blowjobs: One dude sucked the other until jizz bust from the others’ nuts and splatted all inside the mouth of the other, temporarily choking the receiving fag. After coughing and spitting up cum, they finished watching the play, shoved dildos up their asses, gave a hobo a teabag, and climbed into a pool together at a shitty ass bathhouse in Queens. One of these faggy blokes plunged his pecker in the other's poo tube, unknowing that the other had a severe case of the gay shits and ended up with diarrhea in his urethra. So he picked out what he could with a coffee stirrer, then took a black piss afterwards to remove what remained in his dick of the other's tar-like stool. While waiting, the runny ass fag got blown off by the pool filter system, but felt let down because the filter was not the same as having a dude's teeth and gums nestled around his fuck stick. Finally, the buttfucker with the poo penis returned to suck the sack of his partner. Then ol’ nasty ass Bruce McAIDS came by the pool, stood on the diving board, whipped out his dong, and began jacking his cock off until a slimy gay goo came (no pun intended) out of his salty semen stick and fell into the pool, floating on the water to be precise. One of the lifeguards, Cumguzzaly O’Neil, told Bruce that it was not polite to masturbate in the poolhouse without offering some of the other occupants a chance to eat the jism – just wasting it in the water was not proper queer etiquette. So Cumguzzaly took a net, retrieved the floating ejaculate, pulled it in, and grasped it with his palm. He then went on break, bought himself a KlonDYKE Bar, and wiped the cock oil on top as a topping. “Cum has a lot of calories,” he said, “but tomorrow’s my birthday, so I deserve a special sloppy treat.” Hearing of this from across the building (gays have good hearing – look it up), the two bum-blasters from the pride parade decided to offer their gay genitals, butt (including anus, cheeks, crack, and fecal remains), mouth, pubic hair, hands, and ear canal to Cumguzzaly to help him celebrate his 29th birthday, which was the annual commemoration of the only time he ever saw a vagina. (He threw up ten minutes after birth, as he couldn’t stand the look of pussy and vowed right then and there to only go for guys.) At the birthday party, the cake frosting was made out of whipped sperm, while the rest of the ejaculate (prosthetic fluid, etc.) went into the batter for the rest of the cake. Other than ejaculate by-products, the rest of the cake was what might be served at a typical birthday party. It contained flour, water, eggs, sugar, salt, baking powder, corn syrup, Hershey’s cocoa, and M&M’s. But unfortunately, the hygiene was lax at the fag-run bakery where the cake was made. You see, the gay baker who made the cake didn’t wash his hands after anal fisting his boyfriend Craig, so there ended up being E coli in the cake. When the fags ate of the gay cake after blowing out the phallus candles, they got sick and went to the hospital. Although they were OK in a few days, it was a really shitty way to spend a fag birthday – in a hospital bed instead of in a guy’s poopy butt.
Blow me at the bathhouse tonight!
by Big-Balled Boner Bill August 04, 2008
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