A male over the age of eightteen, usually with no formal education, who continues to live at home with his parent(s) and has no ambition to move out or contribute to society. His will to live is sucked by his daily marijuana regiment. He can be found working second shift at your local gas station. Lives in a perpetual state of "Getting his shit together."
Jonas picked up some sluts from the amoco and brought them back to his dad's house. They thought he was such a bsement dweller.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance October 16, 2003
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(n. pl. basement dwellers)

1. Any one inhabitant of a subjugated or marginalized minority relegated to a basement in respect to a bureaucracy and/or geographical location in an office environment.

Despite oppression from contact with the outside world and natural-environmental elements (i.e. sun, fresh air), basement dwellers often find unity amongst co-habitants and enjoy a jovial air. Over-exposure to environment may cause hallucinations, excesive use of jargon and inappropriate behavior, and a tendecy to create fantasies or religous cults.
"Must be a rough day for those basement dwellers."
by WorkSoSecret February 21, 2005
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A commonly-used phrase that describes the socially inep
That dude is a total Basement-dweller
by skull king October 18, 2009
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the one greasy dude that('s) overweight, sweating, has dirty cheeto fingers, breathing heavily like a trucker after eating Arby's, has cum stains on the bed due to chronic masturbation and a lack of hygiene.
Me: that kid is such a basement dweller

The Basement Dweller: *makes a squelching noise with each step due to the amount of sweat and grease they have on their body*
by ToxicInhalation February 12, 2022
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Someone such as yourself, who sits in their mothers basement all day staring at e621 and eating Doritos® Tangy Cheese Flavour.
- Do you know Josh?
- Yeah, he’s such a basement dweller.
- Shame we haven’t seen him leave that house in months.
by adynburdd June 26, 2021
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