means "often"

Mostly used hand in hand with anything that has positive quality.
Do you use marijuana?

All day, every day.
by contagion; September 20, 2009
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Term used in prison amongst inmates meaning they're serving a life sentence.
by Dreek January 9, 2010
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1. "Tyrone, are you going to hit that?"
"All day."

2. "Tyler, are you going to clean the dishes"
"All day."
by Rick Becker December 25, 2009
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Restaurant slang (kitchen). A request by a line cook to the expeditor (controller of the orders) about the total amount of orders for specific items.
Chef, I need an "all day" on filet mignons.
by Shad June 21, 2004
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really good, yes, yes sir, ok, definitely, quite
by rav October 9, 2003
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gang slang used to say "Okay", but in a sense that they will get it done no matter what.
speaker a:"put that shit in the van tonight"
speaker b:"all day man"
by grand spanka April 2, 2007
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overused and at times annoying response to what day of the week it happens to be
"Is it Wednesday today?"

"Yep, all day."
by holly August 11, 2004
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