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The proper way of saying that you don't give a shit.
Person 1"Hey, should I get chocolate or vanilla spring bean casseroles?"

Person 2" Yesn't."
by Idefinedumbwordsbutthatsok December 19, 2022
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This word etymology originates from the word "suspicious" and has been popularized from Among Us in late 2020. Later in 2022, has been used as a verb to describe something sexually questionable.
"Hey, were you watching the p-hub last night?"

"No!, I was just watching cocomelon."

"That's pretty sus..."
by Idefinedumbwordsbutthatsok December 19, 2022
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A basement dweller, much like a hikikomori, lives inside their guardian's house and often do not pay rent, have no job, have no dreams of pursuing education, and are often obsessed with anime, video games, manga and often have a unhealthy life style of playing video games all day, neve working, going on reddit, and eating junk food all day. A majority of these people are misogynists, men, and obese mainly living in the US or Canada but are slowly becoming mainstream and a popular trend in countries and becoming more present in today's society.
My uncle is a basement dweller. All day he sit's in his mom's basement and hasn't had any reaction with anyone other than in his mom in real life in 29 years.
by Idefinedumbwordsbutthatsok December 19, 2022
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