steven: yo joey, you’re my vageen you know that right?
joey: yeah of course i do buddy
by dazee November 14, 2018
The female reproductive organs. Specifically, outrageous actress Brenda Dickson's reproductive organs.
Well, look at how big my vageene looks! It's a huge vageene! I've even had to underline it!
by cloudofdarkness September 19, 2010
Coined by AnnaMaria Gonzalez of Madison Avenue in Bridgeport, CT. Vageen (va-jeen) is slang for vagina.
Girls have a vageen, boys have a penis.
by AG1974 June 16, 2019
A vagina that has the perfect amount of cushion and wetness similar to that of a delicious ripe mango.
Last night, I stuck my peen in my girlfriend's juicy vageene and it felt so good.
by vageene master July 11, 2012
omg i have a throbbing vageen😻😻
by iconicslut February 24, 2022